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Introducing a Real Case Study: Empower Global Solutions’ Success in Wine Label Transformation for 7-Eleven

We are thrilled to present a compelling case study that showcases the expertise and transformative capabilities of Empower Global Solutions. Prior to our establishment under this new name, our dedicated team undertook a remarkable consulting engagement, collaborating with the esteemed brand 7-Eleven to revolutionize their wine label strategy. This real-life case study encapsulates our ability to drive impactful change and deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Within the context of a rapidly evolving market, 7-Eleven faced a pressing challenge with their existing wine labels. Acknowledging the limited impact these labels had on sales and the need for a substantial transformation, they sought the expertise of our team. Our unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions propelled us to analyze industry trends, study customer preferences, and collaborate with renowned experts. Through meticulous planning and execution, we devised a strategic approach that redefined the perception of 7-Eleven wines, elevating their market positioning and driving impressive business growth.

Throughout this case study, we will delve into the intricacies of our consulting methodology, detailing the specific actions undertaken to address the client’s needs. We will explore the milestones achieved, challenges encountered, and innovative strategies employed during the engagement. Additionally, we will present tangible results and measurable outcomes that showcase the magnitude of our interventions. From increased sales and market share growth to enhanced customer satisfaction and elevated brand reputation, our holistic approach brought about transformative change across 7-Eleven’s wine portfolio.

This case study not only highlights the depth of our expertise but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to excellence and tangible impact. At Empower Global Solutions, we pride ourselves on driving substantial growth and empowering our clients to reach new heights of success. We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we unveil the remarkable achievements resulting from our collaboration with 7-Eleven in their wine label transformation.

Client Background

7-Eleven, our esteemed client, operates as a dominant force in the retail sector, boasting an extensive network of 15,000 shops spread across Taiwan, Mainland China, and various other Asian countries. Renowned for its unparalleled distribution capabilities, 7-Eleven stands out as a leading player, excelling in terms of shop numbers. As an enterprise owned by an American conglomerate, it proudly represents the foremost group listed on the prestigious Taipei Stock Exchange. With a focus on delivering exceptional consumer experiences, 7-Eleven specializes in the distribution of diverse product categories, including an array of imported goods and even premium wines. Notably, the company’s offerings strike a balance between affordability and uncompromising quality, catering to a wide demographic, encompassing the majority of individuals residing within these regions. Noteworthy for its vast corporate portfolio spanning multiple industries, 7-Eleven stands as a preeminent Asian conglomerate, highly regarded for its substantial market value.

Problem Statement

The predicament faced by 7-Eleven wines centered around their existing label, which failed to resonate with customers and generate a meaningful impact on sales. The label’s outdated design and lack of appeal hindered the brand’s ability to convey the desired image of quality and sophistication derived from an extensive focus on vineyard cultivation and meticulous winemaking processes. The pressing challenge at hand involved transitioning from a label with negligible sales influence to one that would revolutionize the perception of the wines, enabling higher pricing and driving increased sales across all 15,000 shops and diverse distribution channels, including supermarkets. By undertaking this label transformation initiative, 7-Eleven sought to establish a powerful association between their wines and exceptional quality, thereby elevating their market positioning and capturing greater consumer attention.

Our Approach

Our consulting approach encompassed a comprehensive analysis of similar-sized convenience store chains both in Asia and worldwide, with a particular focus on studying effective label marketing strategies. This research allowed us to gain valuable insights into industry best practices and identify key success factors. Additionally, we conducted extensive customer needs and preferences analysis to ensure our approach aligned with their expectations.

Transparency and the integration of expert advice played significant roles in shaping our approach. Recognizing the importance of providing clear and accurate information to customers, we prioritized transparency in showcasing the wine quality through the label. To achieve this, we engaged with recognized experts in the field to obtain their guidance and insights throughout the process.

In terms of innovative strategies, we pioneered new communication methods within the Asian market, which traditionally adhered to conventional wine marketing practices. By leveraging emerging trends and technologies, we introduced fresh and captivating approaches to effectively convey the unique qualities of 7-Eleven wines. These innovative communication techniques allowed us to establish a strong connection with the target audience, creating an engaging and memorable brand experience.

Overall, our consulting approach was driven by a thorough analysis of industry benchmarks, deep customer understanding, a commitment to transparency, and the implementation of novel strategies tailored to the Asian market. These elements were instrumental in guiding our actions and ensuring a tailored solution that met and exceeded the client’s specific needs.

Actions Steps

To address the client’s needs, we embarked on a two-year endeavor, focused on securing the expertise of a renowned wine expert hailing from France. This involved a series of strategic actions aimed at facilitating the expert’s comprehensive exploration of hundreds of wineries, both directly and indirectly associated with the new label regulations and guidelines. Throughout the engagement, we meticulously navigated various milestones, encompassing crucial aspects such as label design, adherence to regulatory requirements, functional enhancements, and effective communication channels.

Key deliverables associated with our action steps included the development of a visually appealing label design, the incorporation of QR codes to facilitate additional information access, and the inclusion of pertinent details on labels and bottles. We orchestrated press conferences, engaged with television platforms, and collaborated with esteemed journalists to provide comprehensive wine explanations, ultimately amplifying awareness and boosting the wine’s market presence.

Undoubtedly, we encountered several challenges along the way. One of the primary obstacles was to devise a label that could seamlessly integrate across diverse shops, regions, and customer segments, while still upholding principles of transparency and efficiency. We tackled this challenge by adopting a meticulous approach that involved gathering extensive customer feedback, conducting market research, and leveraging the expertise of our wine consultant. This comprehensive approach ensured that the new label resonated with customers across the board and successfully met their expectations.

Furthermore, we navigated the complexities of balancing increased sales, higher prices, larger quantities, and overall customer satisfaction. This involved careful planning, continuous monitoring of market dynamics, and iterative adjustments to optimize outcomes. Through effective project management and close collaboration with the client, we were able to overcome these challenges and achieve the desired objectives.

Overall, our action steps encompassed a multifaceted approach, involving extensive collaboration, market research, adherence to regulations, and strategic communications. By overcoming challenges and diligently executing each milestone, we successfully created a new label that catered to diverse shops, regions, and customer preferences, resulting in increased sales, higher prices, larger quantities sold, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Following an intensive 2-year effort, the newly designed label was officially unveiled to the national press, garnering extensive coverage across television and various media outlets in Taipei. Subsequently, we meticulously introduced the label to 15,000 shops and six additional distribution channels spanning the entire Asian region.

The impact of our interventions was immediately evident, with a notable surge in sales across various areas. Sales figures experienced a remarkable increase of 2 to 3 times for the same products, underscoring the label’s profound influence on consumer purchasing decisions. Despite subsequent price adjustments six and twelve months later, the upward sales trajectory persisted, indicating the sustained effectiveness of the label’s impact on customer behavior.

Moreover, the number of wines adorned with the new label soared significantly, marking a fivefold increase as the positive outcomes became increasingly apparent. This surge not only showcased the label’s resonance with customers but also demonstrated a heightened perception of quality and trust associated with the wines.

Quantifiable improvements were further supported by customer satisfaction polls, which revealed a doubling in customer satisfaction levels. The enhanced label design, coupled with the transparency and information it conveyed, led to heightened trust, increased loyalty, and a greater willingness among customers to make more frequent purchases.

Overall, the results exceeded expectations, surpassing even the most optimistic forecasts. The sales growth achieved was a staggering 80% higher than initially projected, further emphasizing the resounding success of our consulting engagement. These exceptional outcomes serve as a testament to the transformative impact of the new label on 7-Eleven’s business, solidifying its market presence, bolstering customer satisfaction, and driving substantial revenue growth.

Lessons Learned

The engagement with 7-Eleven in the wine label transformation project yielded valuable insights and valuable lessons that have further strengthened our expertise and adaptability as a consulting team.

First and foremost, we have learned that no challenge in distribution, marketing, or sales within the supermarkets and convenience store sectors is insurmountable. Our experience with 7-Eleven demonstrated that with a strategic and efficient approach, outstanding results can be achieved, often surpassing even the most optimistic forecasts. By adhering to a methodology centered on transparency and aligning our actions with real-world requirements, we were able to navigate through various hurdles and unlock significant business growth for our client.

Throughout the engagement, we faced multiple challenges, each requiring a focused and tailored solution. However, our ability to address these challenges head-on, one by one, exemplified our commitment to empowering our clients with effective solutions. We leveraged our expertise and collaborated closely with key stakeholders to overcome obstacles, ensuring that each issue was resolved in a manner that aligns with our clients’ objectives.

This experience has reaffirmed the importance of an efficient and transparent approach to problem-solving, coupled with a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer preferences. By leveraging these insights and providing actionable solutions, we were able to drive tangible and exceptional outcomes for 7-Eleven.

In conclusion, our engagement with 7-Eleven in the wine label transformation project has reinforced our belief in the power of effective consulting methodologies, adaptability, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. The lessons learned have further equipped our team to tackle future challenges and continue delivering outstanding results for our clients.


The case study highlighting Empower Global Solutions’ collaboration with 7-Eleven in their wine label transformation project demonstrates the immense value and impact our consulting services brought to the client’s business. From understanding the initial needs to implementing a strategic approach and achieving remarkable results, this engagement exemplifies our ability to drive transformative change.

Through our meticulous analysis of industry trends and customer preferences, we crafted a label that resonated with the target audience, instilling transparency and quality throughout the wine journey. The introduction of the new label to 15,000 shops and multiple supermarket distribution channels across Asia yielded exceptional outcomes, including significant sales growth, heightened customer satisfaction, and an elevated market presence for 7-Eleven.

At Empower Global Solutions, we remain dedicated to empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions and delivering tangible impact. We invite you to experience the transformative results we can bring to your organization. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise and tailored strategies can propel your business forward.

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